Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, and Forbes (with a natural born Singer)

July 24, 2009

Investing On The News

News events could equal potential investment strategies.


  • Vince Farrell; Chief Investment Officer for Soleil Securities;

  • Lynn Phillips-Gaines, Founder and head of a Raymond James financial services firm based out of Mississippi; and 

  • Bill Singer, Shareholder in the Securities Practice Group of the law firm Stark & Stark and Publisher of and

    Forbes: What kind of incident should retail investors look for as a sign to change their strategy? Without sounding insensitive, does something like Michael Jackson's death signal loading up on stocks related to his record labels? And should retail investors be scanning the news for opportunities to change their strategy?

    . . .

    Bill Singer: Now that's a fun question!

    By way of disclosure, I own a minority stake in Infidel Records, a small indie rock record label based in beautiful Hoboken, N.J. Thankfully, I never quit my day job. How did a veteran Wall Street regulatory lawyer wind up with that investment? Long story--think about a teenager in a rock band, think about a middle-aged guy with a Les Paul and a G&L guitar who still dreams of being the fifth Beatle, and toss in all those change of life moments post-9/11. If you give me a few more weeks (years?), maybe I'll post a video of me nailing Clapton's "Crossroads" (yeah, fat chance). . .

To read the entire Intelligent Investing Panel interview, visit:

In keeping with this Rock 'n Roll theme, see this developing New York Post story about U2's Bono and his . Bill Singer also manages to get quoted in this music biz story.  Hmmm . . . will Bill be coming out with his Greatest Hits album soon?