Forbes Intelligent Investing Panel: Hire or Lower? (Yeah, it's a pun)

August 11, 2009

Once the recession ends, there could be a hiring boom. Using jobs numbers as an indicator to get in to an investment has worked before.


  • John Osbon, Founder of Osbon Capital Management; and 

  • Bill Singer, Shareholder in the Securities Practice Group of the law firm Stark & Stark and Publisher of and

    Bill Singer: [I]f there is one thing that I feel certain of (and, oh, how I will likely rue that cockiness), it is that there will not be any hiring "frenzy" in 2010. Yes, I anticipate hiring and increased hiring, but I think employers will still be licking their wounds and I think that the U.S. is entering a new age of relative restraint and diminished expectations. Of course, as in times past, a rollicking recovery and any launch to dizzying heights will likely eliminate such cautionary reserve, but I'm not sure that I see such a catalyst in our immediate future.

    While historically we have used terms like "ramping back up" to characterize re-employment following such recessionary times, I think we may well be in for "slow and steady" or "better safe than sorry" this time around.

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