Hurricane Bill -- Like I Haven't Heard That One?

August 19, 2009

As I post this blog, I am departing for my annual summer vacation at the beach.  If you are horrified by the prospect of going a week without partaking of my incredible pearls of wisdom, Forbes just published a recent Intelligent Investing panel, which is noted immediately below. I've also added my greatest hits of 2009: My inspirational columns from Registered Rep. magazine and Read everything slowly.  It will have to last while I'm at the beach -- ah, yes, the annual vacation to the shore...and what could be better than waiting a whole year for those few precious days in the sun (trust me, even in this Recession the cost of the trip is precious). 

The dream of this summer respite got me through the past twelve months.  All that time, when I was gritting my teeth through the March Market Meltdown, fuming as Congress derailed Wall Street reform-- I knew, just knew, that comes August I would find that one special spot on the sand, amidst gentle ocean breezes, softly lapping waves, and sunny skies.  Of course, if I believe the weather forecast, I may need to  tie myself down to the chaise lounge and hold on to a nearly airborne beach umbrella as Hurricane Bill tries to nudge me from my scenic perch.  Some folks would call that poetic justice.  I would tell those folks to go f&%$ themselves.  Of course, I would say it respectfully and professionally. I would also try to get my hourly retainer up front, you know, before I actually said anything nasty.

There's worry that China is ripe for an implosion. Understand that risks abound here, but so do opportunities. Think ETFs, not stocks. With:

  • Gary Shilling, President, A. Gary Shilling & Co.;

  • Dr. Kenneth Shubin Stein, MD, CFA, is the founder of Spencer Capital Management, LLC; and 

  • Bill Singer, Shareholder in the Securities Practice Group of the law firm Stark & Stark and Publisher of and

Okay, well, parting is such sweet sorrow.  Time for me to hit the road.  In case you're wondering what today's debonair, lawyer-about-town packs for the beach, here's my manifest: 

  • One very loud Hawaiian shirt
  • Two unflattering bathing suits -- now called "board trunks" and they do absolutely nothing for a middle age guy who is just south of 5' 8" (okay, like really south of that but my overblown ego compensates for being vertically challenged)
  • One pair of sandals that will likely become half a pair and I won't ever figure out how I misplaced the other shoe
  • five summer-reading paperbacks (of which I will likely open only one and spend the next week with it spread upon my chest as I burn to toast in the sun without having read a single page)
  • One case of vodka
  • Once case of rum
  • One case of tequila
  • Gallon of olives
  • Crate of assorted limes and lemons
  • A gross of those small drink umbrellas
  • Economy sized package of Oreo cookies
  • Economy sized package of Cheez-Its
  • Economy sized package of Cheetos
  • Economy sized package of Dipsy Doodles
  • Economy sized package of Cracker Jacks
  • Economy sized package of cheapo pretzels (will decide at last minute whether it's the sticks or the jumbos)
  • Large bottle of Gulden's Mustard (but will swear to my wife that I bought that French's crap she prefers)
  • My cellphone (which my wife will routinely threaten to throw into the ocean if I keep answering it)
  • Large plastic bag to fill up with the freebie shampoos, conditioners, and soaps (Waddya mean they're not "freebies?")
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