RRBDlaw.com : Closing the calendar on FINRA's 2011 Cases of Note

January 29, 2012

Updated FINRA Cases of Note Now Online
With Bill Singer's Analysis

FINRA cites a growing number of Annual Compliance Certification violations in 2011, and December saw an unusually large sample.

2011 saw numerous Promissory Note cases -- both those involving loans to stockbroker from their firms, and those involving the sale of such instruments by stockbrokers to their clients.

If you don't have sufficient funds to cover that check you wrote, it's going to come bouncing back as "NSF". Bet you didn't realize that this could become a FINRA regualtory matter. 

If you were involved in selling Private Placements in 2011, you may have exposed yourself to a whole lotta hurt for regulatory violations. You better familiarize yourself with FINRA's concerns.

Maybe the whole cold calling and customer service part of being a stockbroker just ain't your thing.  Maybe you have a hankering for the bright lights of entertainment -- you showed some talent for Impersonation of customers and colleagues but, alas, FINRA panned your performance.

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