Jeff Beck At the White House. Perfect cure for a crummy down-market Friday in March.

March 2, 2012

So, here's how it is. 

It's Friday. It's cold and the market's down, and I've already had far too much coffee.  Not much in the mood to start any major project and really not all that motivated to finish anything -- you know what I mean?  

All of which found me aimlessly surfin' the web and, as those things go, who the hell knows how we wind up on any page that we wind up on.  Here's where I found myself. The White House. Jeff Beck. Jeff Beck? At the White House?? Yeah -- Jeff Beck at the White House.  Cool.


Jeff Beck / Guitar (duh)
Rhonda Smith (formerly of Prince) / Bass
Veronica Bellino/ Drums
Booker T Jones (Musical Director/"Green Onions")