Two Edgy Wall Street Articles From New York Post Reporters Bresiger and Kosman

March 4, 2012

By GREGORY BRESIGER, New York Post, March 3, 2012

Veteran business reporter Greg Bresiger published a troubling article in which he warns against complacency in this Post-Madoff era.  Far from promising us that there are no monsters left in the closet, Bresiger tells you to continue to be afraid, be very afraid:

The Tabb Group, a New York-based market consulting and advisory firm, cites in a recent report two reasons the spirit of Madoff continues in the securities business: In 2011, the FBI launched about 1,000 inquiries into possible fraud schemes, and the Securities and Exchange Commission has been ramping up its probes of companies and institutions suspected of fraud.

"These two tidbits of information would suggest that even in the aftermath of the largest Ponzi scheme ever seen, investors and institutions must remain aware that fraud is still prevalent," according to Joel Cohen of Kinetic Partners, the author of the report.

By JOSH KOSMAN, New York Post, March 2, 2012

The New York Post's Merger & Acquisitions reporter Josh Kosman presents the story of LoopNet and the curious sales of a key insider:

A LoopNet insider has dumped shares as federal regulators continue to probe the company's proposed tie-up with rival CoStar, raising red flags for shareholders wondering whether the deal will get approval.

LoopNet's head of product and business development, Frederick Saint, cashed out half his stock, or 25,000 shares, on Feb. 29 for a total of $460,000, according to a regulatory filing