An August Music Gift From Bill Singer: Tedeschi Trucks Band

August 15, 2012

You know how it's August and it's hot and muggy -- no, worse, smuggy. And you're sort of feeling your age and wondering where all the good times went?  And in the closet, you've got your guitars, electrics, the ones that used to rip and wail and crackle but, now, they're behind some suits and shoes.  Never quite seems to be time anymore. 

As a teen, you had your "music" and there were all those bands you were in but now . . . now, it's responsibilities and work and makin' the buck and each and every grown-up thing that gets between the us of today and that kid we were.  Those who have lost the music, have lost the last vestige of youth.  It's what keeps us connected to the past and relevant with whatever may yet be before us.

I love music.  If you've been reading BrokeAndBroker for some time, you likely know that.  Well, guess what, this is just one of those unplug from everything moments and let the music flow.

I found this amazing band, husband and wife: Tedeschi Trucks Band.  Remember when you first heard Janis or Bonnie?  Remember when you heard Clapton or Jimi and looked at your guitar and looked at your hands and realized that you just weren't on the same planet?  Remember how the Allman Brothers just came together in ways that were incredible -- like the first time you heard "East West" from Paul Butterfield Blue Band or realized that there were only three guys in Cream?

Well, put your headphones on. No need to let the whole office know.  If this doesn't make you feel young again, nothing will. For you who don't know, that's Derek Trucks just shredding his guitar with a slide.

If you liked that, wait until you hear this:

Finally, one last track and, for godsakes, y'all realize that they're doing this live!  What a tight band.