Everything Is Broken

November 2, 2012

Thanks to all of you for contacting me and asking about how we're all weathering Hurricane Sandy.  The NYC Metro area is, well, what else can I say?  It's a disaster. With few exceptions, folks are homeless, powerless, foodless, and cranky as hell but, in keeping with these massive tragedies, most of those in the storm's path are hangin' in there, making due, as best as possible.  

More than anything, this aftermath is frustrating. For starters, many simply can't get to work. No gas in the car. No clear roadways. No reliable mass transportation. Then, to add to the frustration, if they can get to work, there's often no electric in the office, no working phones, and no Internet -- and those are the lucky ones.

Around this nation, every region has its thing: earthquakes, drought, floods, fires, hurricanes, blizzards. Pick a state and they will tell you of what Mother Nature does to wreck their lives.

Be that as it may, for whatever callous builds up on your heart and soul as a result of having personally endured too much water, rain, or snow, there are millions of Americans truly suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  On the other hand, inevitably, this too shall pass but with far too much pain.

And as I am thankful for having made it through the week, I oddly find myself humming an old Dylan tune, not among his oldest or best, but perhaps most appropriate for our present predicament.

May you and your families stay safe.