How Not To Conduct Yourself At An Arraignment

February 5, 2013

The way I see it, 18-year-old Penelope Soto wasn't having a great day from the git-go; not with finding herself in an orange jailhouse jumpsuit before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat. Having been arrested for drug possession, Soto was being arraigned with all important considerations like being released on her own recognizance or the amount of bail to be set at the Judge's discretion subject to certain guidelines.

Frankly, Soto should have toed the line, said "Yes, your honor" or "No, your honor." But it didn't quite go down like that. 

She smiled. 

She joked. 

She played with her hair. 

She said "Adios" after the terms of her bail were set. 

Then she said FU to the judge and displayed a single digit on her hand.

$5,000 bail became $10,000. 

And there was a little 30-day vacation in the local jail.

This arraignment is slated to go down in the annals of viral video: