With Each Lawsuit You Get A Fortune Cookie

April 23, 2013

On April 23rd I received the email below, which pitched me to advertise my law practice on the back of a fortune cookie fortune! At first I thought it was a joke -- which prompted me to read it a second time and then to actually visit the website to make sure it wasn't a porn site (yeah, of course I would have had to personally confirm that!).  Okay, so it seems legitimate.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly running out to purchase advertising on fortune cookies for my law practice -- I'm just not sure how to publicize the fact that I handle Wall Street regulatory and litigation work on the freebie twisted cookie that they hand you with the check at a Chinese restaurant. Like what would I write? 

A call from FINRA could be the last course of your Wall Street career, but if you hire Bill Singer,  it could merely be the egg roll appetizer?  

Don't let your next SEC investigation give you an MSG headache, call Bill Singer.

Don't let your Private Placement Memorandum get lost like your Chinese food delivery. Call Bill Singer. All retainers come with choice of soda.

If you represent yourself in a customer arbitration, your career could crumble like a stale fortune cookie. Call Bill Singer.

No General Tso-liciting permitted with Reg D offerings. Call Bill Singer.

In any event, unedited below, is what showed up in my In-Box:


What happened to the days of less competition in the legal field and a surplus of clients? In current times 75% of a law firms time is dedicated to creative advertising methods to attract more clients. We are here to fix that.

FortuneCookieAdvertising.com is the ONLY company in the United States which places advertisements on the back slips within fortune cookies in targeted Chinese restaurants around the country. Whether you want to add your logo, an image, a qr code or description of your services, the options are endless. 

With over 40,000+ Chinese restaurant options in the United States within our network the opportunities are endless. Over 98.5% of Chinese restaurant patrons open their fortunes and read the slip while over 79% start conversations at the dinner table about the content on their slip. If your ad stands out, over 24% of patrons take pictures of the ad and share it on their social networks. This type of maximum, symbolic exposure is not comparable to traditional forms of advertising.

You can place your order at www.FortuneCookieAdvertising.com and/or contact me directly at (917) 865-8787. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

. . .