FBI Cyber Division Issues Holiday Warning

December 1, 2014

It's that time of the year when your grandparents start clicking around online and you start getting those phone calls about how their computer is frozen.  Sometimes grandpa isn't telling grandma that he's surfing some porn sites and, oh my, he downloaded a virus. Sometimes grandma isn't telling grandpa that she found a new site that's offering 100% discounts plus an extra 20% if she orders now -- and you soon discover that she gave some fraudster her bank and securities accounts numbers and her social security number.  Of course, it doesn't require the naivete of a senior citizen to run afoul of all sorts of online scams and frauds, more than enough youngsters fall prey to those lurking behind phony websites. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Cyber Division recently issued a superb Public Service Announcement warning online shoppers about the holiday season's Internet dangers. BrokeAndBroker.com reprints that PSA in full text  below:

24 November 2014

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