Bill Singer Supports Nominees to FINRA Board

August 10, 2007

Having considered the initial phase of nominees solely proposed by both FINRA and the Financial Industry Association (FIA) as of August 10, 2007, I support the nomination of the following individuals:


Small Firm: Robert A. Muh
Large Firm: Thomas A. Russo


Small Firm: Richard Goble
Large Firm: Gordon D'Angelo; Theodore E. Charles
Please note that the above expressions of support are solely for the nomination as candidates and my support for such individuals may vary prior to the final certification of all additional contested candidates. Moreover, I may include individuals not presently noted but who are nominated when the final field is set.

Additionally, I would urge Daniel Roberts of San Francisco and Howard Spindel of New York City to consider adding their names as contested nominees. Both individuals have long and distinguished careers as champions of the independent and regional FINRA community, and both are presently serving as District Committeepersons as a result of independent, contested election victories.

I would urge any nominee seeking my support to please submit response to the list previously posted on this blog at
Responses may be marked as "confidential" and will not be posted or disseminated but solely considered by me; or you may submit your replies for verbatim publication on this site.