Forbes Intelligent Investing: Just the FX, and nothing but the FX

September 28, 2009

Playing The Downward Dollar

Playing The Downward Dollar A weak greenback can be played multiple ways. Consider ETFs and American firms that export.


  • Randy Carver, the founder and registered investment adviser at Carver Financial Services;

  • Jeff Rubin, Director of Research and a portfolio manager at Birinyi Associates and 

  • Bill Singer, Attorney and publisher of and

BILL SINGER: [A]s to American goods, that's an intriguing question. What are we still manufacturing here that foreigners want? Seriously, how many so-called American goods are actually Chinese-manufactured or from other foreign markets? Seems to me that the U.S. is largely a provider of services and intellectual property these days. One way or the other, there is globalization ongoing and that has altered traditional views of what it means when we say that a product is from a particular country. Similarly, Americans don't seem to be as spendthrift as in years past--partially because so much expendable income has gone up in flames. More pricey foreign items that are viewed as "luxuries" may find it harder to attract the U.S. consumer. . .