Go to the FBI Cold by Bill Singer, Forbes Intelligent Investing

October 24, 2009

I alerted the SEC's Division of Enforcement to a possible scam weeks ago. I still await a response. Did Madoff teach them nothing?

By Bill Singer, Attorney and publisher of http://BrokeAndBroker.com and http://RRBDLaw.com

Email Reply from the SEC to Bill Singer

Dear Mr. Singer:

Thank you for your email and for taking the time to alert us to your concerns.

Please note the SEC conducts its investigations on a confidential basis and neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation until we bring charges against someone involved. We cannot provide you with updates on the status of your complaint or of any pending SEC investigation. We know this policy can be frustrating, but it protects the integrity and effectiveness of our investigative process and preserves the privacy of the individuals and entities involved. . .

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