Act Now! Loan Program Investment Participation Units

January 19, 2010


The BORDER ASSETS Loan Program Investment Participation Units (the "LPIPUs")

International economist and investing specialist Savi Traydah, Ph.D. has opened for a limited period of 30-days effective January 19, 2010, investment participation units in his BORDER ASSETS loan program. A particularly attractive vehicle for investors who have recently sustained losses in the international stock and real estate markets, the BORDER ASSETS LPIPUs provide a secure opportunity to realize significant returns within a guaranteed construct.  Given the incredible rate of return offered by this investment (which will only be provided via sealed courier protocols to qualified parties), interested investors should act immediately. 

As structured by Dr. Traydah, BORDER ASSETS will offer only a few LPIPUs subject to temporal disintegration during the offering-period modality. After several decades in international finance, during which time he served in senior economist and computer-modeling executive roles, Dr. Traydah,presently based in Canada, has revolutionized the private banking spectrum with his cutting-edge private loan program. Having recently served as a Program Manger to a number of major international corporations that participate in the private banking system, Dr. Traydah created an offshore private placement investment program that integrates balanced exposure to Asian and United States real estate, leveraged manufacturing centers, commodities, FOREX, and specialized bank gurantees and certificates of deposits.

Unlike many such programs, BORDER ASSETS  integrates a securitization and guaranty feature that provides iron-clad guarantees of safety for all invested principal and earnings through the offices of an international foundation well regarded for the issuances of such bonding assurances, and whose history in this commercial transaction field is legendary. The international foundation has recently issued  a Lettre de Garantie (as authorized under Section 104(b)(iii) of the International Association of Private Banking Associations ("IAPBA")) for this current tranche of LPIPUs.

Investment participation units in BORDER ASSETS are structured as a loan, and your investment will not only result in superlative returns, but will be covered by a 60-day money back, irrevocable guaranty. Such an assurance feature is unheard of with this type of investment opportunity.

To enroll today or learn more about BORDER ASSETS, please visit this exclusive link.