Josh Brown's "the Reformed Broker" Hits Another Nail on the Head

March 9, 2010

My Wall Street blogging buddy and sometime intellectual foil, Josh Brown of The Reformed Broker seems to be coming over to the dark side of things in the regulatory-reform world.  He recently railed against the photo-op sessions that too often pass for dialog as Congress and the Bush Administration continue to jockey over the future face of financial services regulation.  Taking the Treasury Department to task, Josh explained it this way -- with his now trademark wit and barely repressed sarcasm:

Inviting the milquetoast Huffington Post in for a face-to-face open house, the Treasury Department missed a golden opportunity to gain some real Street Cred.  I don't know the backgrounds of everyone on the list, but I can tell you right now that other than Felix, I don't feel that any of them have a big enough or influential enough megaphone to sway the discussion one way or the other.

Here's my short list of who should've been in attendance, and then I'll send you over to Reuters for the lowdown on the actual meeting...

Bloggers / Treasury wishlist:

Chris Whalen (The Big Picture)

Adrienne Gonzales (Jr Deputy Accountant)

Tom Brakke (Research Puzzle)

Bill Singer (BrokeAndBroker)

Mark Thoma (Economist's View)

Gregor Macdonald (Gregor.US)

Paul Vigna (DJ MarketTalk)

Michael Pento (Greenfaucet)

Of course, Josh left out one valuable voice from that meeting -- his!  Ah, ever Mr. Modest. 

Josh Brown's The Reformed Broker is a must-read blog for those seeking an insider's perspective on the daily news and dalliances of Wall Street.