Bill Singer May Or Chimay Not Be Kidding.

June 14, 2010

My name is Bill Singer.  Perhaps my last name sounds familiar to you? Yes - you are correct, I am indeed a member of the wealthy Singer family, best known for the Singer Sewing Machine Company (SSMC). 

What you may not know is that I am presently running SSMC Capital, the Investment Adviser for SSMC.  At SSMC Capital, I presently manage $200 million on behalf of my family and other investors. SSMC Capital is also the investment adviser to numerous hedge funds, including the Bermuda-based Leonidas Rex family of off- and on-shore hedge funds (which I created in 1998).

BLF -- Two Centuries of Financial Management At Your Dispoal


Using financial management techniques that have been in the Singer family for nearly two centuries, in 2002, I created the "Bridge Loan Facility" (BLF).  When US Treasury yields were considered too low, I resorted to BLF as an alternative vehicle for investment of SSMC Capital's cash. Essentially, BLF was the private, cash management vehicle of the Singer family. The Singer family rarely goes outside our blood relations with any investment opportunities. 


In 2008, I gave a few outside investors limited access to SSMC Capital's BLF, whereby we pooled such outside funding with the $200 million already at my disposal from my family's funds.  I used those funds to make short-term bridge loans to companies with ties to SSMC Capital. 


Why did I take the extraordinary step of opening up SSMC Capital's BLF program to non-family members?


The answer is failry simple: Creditworthy borrowers are experiencing difficulty obtaining loans from traditional lenders due to the credit crisis. Given the current circumstances in commercial banking, it has become nearly impossible to secure bridge financing of short duration, creating excess demand. SSMC Capital's capacity to close financing quickly through its BLF allows for premium pricing, significantly above the risk free-rate. As the lender under the BLF program, SSMC Capital makes only short-term (90-120 days) bridge loans at an average interest rate of 15%. The BLF program has a long track record of safe and profitable lending to a short roster of carefully-vetted companies, and our loans will be secured by ample collateral.


Principal and Interest Repayment Guaranteed


MY PERSONAL ASSURANCE: Investors in the SSMC Capital BLF are guaranteed annualized returns of 12%. Participants can elect to take current interest in cash, or reinvest it back into their capital account. Upon execution of the investment contracts, SSMC Capital will sign off on a "Corporate Guaranty" pledging repayment of investors' funds with interest.


If you would like to subscribe to SSMC Capital's BLF program, please read the disclosure materials HERE.  And while you're at it, have a wonderful sip of one of the world's finest beers: Chimay