Eliot Spitzer Leaves the Farm for Wall Street

July 6, 2010

 Eliot Spitzer Leaves The Farm For Wall Street

During two brief terms as Dictator, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus led Rome's armies into battle and vanquished the Republic's enemies. Thereafter, Cincinnatus twice retired to his farm and left the political arena. Where other men would have been consumed by their appetite to retain power, Cincinnatus was content to till the soil.

Eliot Spitzer is no Cincinnatus.

. . . 

[I]n the end, Spitzer's attempt to reinsert himself into the political arena comes off as opportunistic and calculated. Whatever sincerity he brings to the table comes off as comically ironic. When I read the title of his Slate article, "The ABCs of Reform: How Washington Blew Its Chance for Wall Street Reform", I could barely keep from laughing out loud. Talk about schadenfreude! I mean, who among us does not imagine that Ashley Dupré will not soon write her own Slate article: "The ABCs of Reform: How I Blew Elliot Spitzer and His Chance to Reform Wall Street"?

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