The Week in Review: Bizarre "Let It Be" Video, "Street Sweeper" and BrokeAndBroker Blog

December 3, 2010


  • Online Hijacking Defendants Agree to Pay $1.33 Million to Settle SEC Market Manipulation Case

  • Convicted Fraudster Charged With Using Hotel-Scam Funds to Pay Prior Victims

  • Former J.P. Morgan Banker James Hertz Pleads Guilty to Municipal Bond Bid Rigging
  • Then there was this really, really bizarre video posted on my pal Josh Brown's "Reformed Broker" website. I was figuring that, hey, what the hell, how about I just post the video (you know, like steal it from Josh but take all the credit)?  Then I realized it was the holiday season and all and who the hell wants to screw around with that Karma, right? So, instead of taking all the credit, I've done the right thing (someone pinch me here, did I just say that I did the right thing?) and here's the link to Josh's site.  Trust me (says the lawyer).

    You MUST watch this video.

    HINT: It's an amazing, disturbing, freakish version of the Beatles' "Let It Be"

  • Bill Singer's Street Legal Column (Registered Rep Magazine) and Street Sweeper Column (Forbes) Now Online
  • A Snarky Commentary From Bill Singer About an SEC Ponzi Case and the Politics of Regulation
  • Former J.P. Morgan Employee Pleads Guilty for Role in Muni Bonds Bid-rigging and Fraud Conspiracies
  • A Not-so Mini E-Mini Commodities Fraud Results in Charges and Arrest
  • A White-Collar Christmas
  • Feds Seize Grinch's Websites -- Christmas Saved!
  • The FBI Issues Holiday Warning About Smishing, Vishing, and Other Scams by Cyber-Criminals