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December 31, 2010


Regulatory lawyer Bill Singer has analyzed and posted the latest crop of FINRA disciplinary cases



CD Pirate Walks Federal Plank in Computer Gaming Case

You'll never imagine what went on behind that lovely suburban one-family home.

Arbitration Litigates ARS Suitability

A truly well-explained FINRA arbitration decision adjudicates the dispute between an institutional client that invested in Auction Rate Securities and its broker-dealer. Were the ARS "suitable"? Read how this case answers that thorny question.

The Hedge Fund that Dissolved in Malta -- Maybe

Two characters somehow manage to transfer escrowed funds overseas to Swiss and Maltese accounts. The thing is, though, that they claim not to have retained control over the foreign accounts and, damn, they're having trouble finding out where the dollars actually are or what's being done with them.

Morgan Stanley Loses 401k Arbitration

Was it just a feeling or a firm decision to go into cash?  Did the broker wrongly talk his client into staying in the market?

Open Season on IRS Agents?

Yet another federal indictment of an IRS employee.  Is this the beginning of a series of criminal charges?

Fun & Games on

What the hell was the FBI thinking when it went kid friendly?

OshKosh! Omigosh!! Carter's In Historic SEC Non-Prosecution Agreement

Children's clothing manufacturer caught in web of accounting fraud and insider trading by its former executive. See how the public company navigates through the dangerous waters.

A Tale of Two IRS Bribes

You got your IRS Agent who asks for and gets a bribe. You got your taxpayer who offers and pays a bribe. You got a helluva a lot of trouble -- but are the sentences consistent?

Happy Holidays: New Wave of Insider Trading Arrests

It starts with a comprehensive discussion of the recent insider trading arrests. It ends with a bitter, cynical observation. You may not like Bill Singer's conclusion but it's hard to disagree with him.

Government Malfeasance and Nonfeasance on Wall Street

Bill goes off on a rant -- or is it a diatribe? He's all in a lather about why no government officer or agency ever seems to get named as a defendant when the government itself starts pointing fingers at the private sector. For starters, he goes off on the Department of Justice's recent civil case involving the Gulf oil spill.  This one you gotta read.

A Bush In the Hand Is Worth What?

These days, everyone is suing everyone about everything. Of course, since Bill is a lawyer, he's not exactly upset about that. Can you spell R-E-T-A-I-N-E-R?  However, just for a change of pace, read about two public customers who get bounced in FINRA arbitrations for raising odd claims.

Former Morgan Stanley Broker Pleads Guilty To Defrauding Juvenile Victims of Medical Malpractice

In a word: Disgusting.  Don't read this one on a full stomach.

SEC Starts Proceedings Against Alleged Canada / US E-Mini Ponzi Schemer

Oy Canada!

Former Goldman Sachs Programmer Convicted for Trading Code Theft

On the one hand, you could take the big bucks and work nights and weekends to write your own code from scratch. On the other hand, there's always that COPY and PASTE alternative.


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