Vote for Howard Spindel for FINRA Small Firm Governor

May 15, 2010

A personal note from Bill Singer to all FINRA Member Firms:

If you recently read my "Time for a FINRA Tea Party?" article, you know that I have called for robust, open, democratic nominations for candidates to FINRA's Board of Governors.  At present, for the reasons stated in the above article, I simply cannot support any FINRA Nominating Committee candidate.

A number of individuals have contacted me seeking my support for their nomination as a Board Candidate.  If, as, and when requested, I will consider supporting qualified men and women to run as Petition Candidates. 

Please, I beg you, do not simply check-off all the names on any slate of candidates -- whether those names are sent to you by FINRA or by any other group.  Research the nominees that you are being asked to support. Do you homework.  You can no longer afford to waste your votes.  You've done that year after year with disastrous results.  This time, make your vote matter!

I submit for your consideration the Petition for Small Firm Petition Candidate Howard Spindel.  Please visit this link, review Howie's letter, and sign/return his attached petition.


Bill Singer