Bill Singer Ends His "Street Legal" Column After 14 Years

January 6, 2012

Way back in December 1997, I authored my first "Street Legal" column for Registered Rep. magazine: "On DUIs: What Do You Have to Disclose?" Now, over 14 years later, I'm pulling the plug.  It was a nice run but the securities industry has changed, publishing has changed, and trying to write a monthly column is no longer rewarding or relevant.  Given my penchant for being provocative, I'm just not willing to settle for authoring month-old content. 

In recent years, I've taken to blogging.  I find a story of interest and, voila, within a few minutes I can post my analysis online.  According to my traffic stats at my Forbes "Street Sweeper" and at my blogs, I have a large and growing audience. Through those two daily outlets, I provide timely stories replete with my unique blend of sarcasm and a veteran lawyer's insights.  It's as close to instant gratification as a writer could imagine.  On top of that, I feel like I'm covering breaking news rather than an old story that's been covered down to a nub.

Against that thrill of breaking important news with my brand of quirky analysis, I have the labor - sometimes the ordeal - of trying to select stories to write for my Registered Rep magazine "Street Legal" column. It's quite a chore because I need to figure out today whether a given topic will still be fresh when my column is published nearly a month later.  Trust me, it's not as easy as it may appear.

And so, my beloved "Street Legal" column now goes the way of my phonograph turntable, my Walkman, my photography darkroom, and so many other once-cherished things that are now fossils from days passed.  It's time to bring down the curtain, dim the houselights, and end the play. 

To all of my readers at "Street Legal" it's been a wonderful run and I sincerely thank you for your years of support.  Please stay in touch and visit me at  Forbes "Street Sweeper"  and

Bill Singer