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October 18, 2012

Looking for some interesting and fun content?  Visit Bill Singer' "Street Sweeper" column.  Here are some recent articles folks are talking about -- some are also laughing.

Humpty Dumpty Words For Congress And The SEC

When is a deadline not a deadline? Oh, when it involves Dodd-Frank, the SEC, and the Wells Notice process.  If you're frustrated and angry with the double-speak of bureaucracy, you're gonna have a love-hate relationship with this column!

Felony Strangulation Charge Gets Stockbroker 
Fined And Suspended

Welcome to the morass of FINRA U4 criminal events disclosure.

Wells Fargo Blindsided In Trainee Fee Loss

Chalk one up for the little guy.

British Bataar Beast of Burden Bharara Brouhaha

Sex. Drugs. Rock 'n Roll. Keith Richards. And Dinosaur Theft!

Feds Get Prison, Fines, Restitution And Forfeiture 
In NY Presbyterian Hospital Case

A case worth prosecuting.