BrokeAndBroker Weekend Update by Veteran Wall Street Lawyer Bill Singer

May 10, 2013

From July 2007 through February 2008, Christopher Kline, 49, York, PA, participated in a scheme in which one of his clients, William Curtis, 50, Naper...Read On
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Regardless of your intentions, helping out a customer may not always be the best of career moves -- particularly if you are compensated for the side w...Read On
Veteran Wall Street lawyer Bill Singer doesn't like this regulatory settlement involving an alleged violation of the Borrowing Rule.  He thinks t... Read On
A stockbroker was named as a respondent in a customer's 2009 arbitration, but, thereafter, the registered person turned around and named the customer ... Read On
Although the facts aren't exactly spelled out in this FINRA Arbitration Decision, it seems clear that a former employer broker-dealer and employee wou...Read On
How pathetic has the state of regulation of the securities markets become in 2013? The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") just released a Repo... Read On
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