BrokeAndBroker Offers A Weekend Musical Extravaganza

September 12, 2014

What's this column about?  Not sure but I thought that I'd just go with it. It's a Friday afternoon and the Labor Day holiday is behind us and summer is about over. Nothing here about Wall Street or law. Just two music videos. Consider it a weekend gift.

First, you got the Tedeschi Trucks Band playing live on June 7, 2014, at the Mountain Jam Festival. The band is playing "Storm" from their  "Made Up Mind" album. A great band doing what great bands used to do and should still be doing: Playing live and killin' it.  For you old farts out there who have sort of lost touch, think of the Allman Brothers fronted by Bonnie Raitt. 

Second, you got the old Butterfield Blues Band. Why?  Well, Tedeschi Trucks Band's "Storm" performance reminded me of BBB's "East West," which, when I first heard it in 1966 seemed to be the single greatest piece of music performed during the single greatest jam that I had ever heard -- all of which left me looking at my electric guitar and my fingers and wondering whether I should even try. Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop on guitar. Paul Butterfield and his harmonica. Sadly, Bloomfield died at 37 in 1981, and Butterfield died at age 44 in 1987. Bishop is still with us at 71. 

Was it really 1966??? As in 48 years ago? As in nearly half a century?