Bill Singer in the News: Comments on Stanford case and investing in China

February 18, 2009

Bill Singer in the News.  Comments on stories ranging from Antigua to China.

What Now For Sir Allen Stanford?
Securities Industry Attorney, Bill Singer, says while he suspects Stanford and the other accused may be arrested and indicted soon, he`s unsure of the ...


Intelligent Investing All-Stars


The Investor Team debates the place of ethics regarding the People's not-so-free Republic.
Forbes: Regarding China. What sort of moral obligations do investors have? We all know China is in no way a democracy. And some business practices that go on there probably would make most of us very uncomfortable if we actually had to see them. What role does this, or should this, play in people's investment strategy in relation to China? What role does it play in your views of China as a place to invest?

With Robert Froehlich, Greg Ghodsi and Bill Singer.