Funny Business by Jane Wells -- CNBC's Finest Is At It Again!

March 4, 2010

Not only is Jane Wells one of CNBC's best on-air personalities, but her Funny Business column is among my favorite online content. Make sure to visit this site daily -- it will certainly put a smile on your face.

On Tuesday, Jane ran a piece with the titillating title of Bride Porn -- It's Not What You Think. Frankly, that's dirty pool because she had to know that running a story with the words "bride" and "porn" was calculated to entrap more than a few males -- not that we always click on porn links, course not.  What does she think?  It's some Pavlovian experiment?  You just put "porn" and "bride" in a headline and every guy on Wall Street will click?  Oddly, when I found my way to that page (not sure how that happened...someone must have been surfing on my laptop), I read this anti-male, sexist rant:

The porn industry is targeted mostly at men. Most women-not all-don't find watching plasticized over-endowed naked people rolling around much of a turn on.

So, guys, how do you get your gals all worked up?

. . .

Flash News reports that inside the book you'll find a bare-chested "groom" who "can't wait to look at china patterns"-"Tiffany or Limoges? . . .

What's with those names?  Tiffany? Limoges?  Are those porn names or featured strippers?

Today, Jane's column is Man's Newest Weapon -- The Five-Inch Heel.  Looks like we guys are now being blamed for a new fashion trend in shoewear.  First it's plasticized naked people and now it's five-inch heels.  Will the wild accusations never end? 

I don't know where Jane Wells comes up with these stories but, keep 'em coming.  These days, laughs are few and far between.  Of course, I just wish she wasn't so clever with the titles or the story teasers.  What do you think the "pink box of love" refers to?