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Bill Singer is a securities industry attorney who advocates on behalf of small- and mid-sized broker-dealers, registered persons, whistleblowers, and defrauded public investors. Bill Singer's Website
September 26, 2023
Goldman Sachs & Co. is a powerhouse in investment banking, global securities markets, investment management, and consumer banking. In recent years, Goldman's alumni have left their mark on business, government, and regulation. Former Treasury Sec... Read On
Portfolio Armor
An algorithmic hedging tool for stocks and ETFs: Insure your stock and ETF investments against market downturns as well as company - and sector specific risk with put options. Enter your stock and ETF holdings, and the maximum downside risk you are willing to accept for each holding. Then, using its proprietary algorithm, Portfolio Armor shows you the optimal put options to buy to obtain the level of protection you want.
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WolfBridge Financial
At WolfBridge Financial, we work closely with you to not only manage your investments, but also to ensure your complete financial stability. Successful investment management relationships begin with a clear understanding of each client's specific needs, concerns and long-term objectives. We bring to the table a solid foundation of financial knowledge, upon which we'll build custom financial and investment plans to fit your individual's needs. Visit WolfBridge Financial
We view each client relationship from a long-term perspective. The initial interview and portfolio design, while important, are a small part of a much bigger picture. The real value we bring to clients is the constant monitoring of accounts and the ability to offer insight and advice regarding all aspects of their financial affairs through the various stages of their lives.
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Technical Traders Ltd.
Newsletters and alert services for active traders. Stock, ETF, Commodity and Futures analysis with trading signals and money management.

ETF Trading Signals
Stock Trading Signals
Chris Vermeulen's Trading Portfolio
Elliot Wave Based Forecasting
The Capital Wave Forecast
Former hedge fund manager Shah Gilani predicted the market crash and the subprime crisis. Now, he's making his boldest predictions yet... predictions harnessing the power of capital waves. In his latest video, find out how Shah tracks massive money moves in his new investment research service, The Capital Wave Forecast. Watch the video now.
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Short Screen
  • Screen for stocks predicted to go bankrupt by their Altman Z-Scores with the Short Screen screener.
  • See if a specific stock is at risk of bankruptcy with the Short Screen calculator.
  • Share short selling ideas with other savvy investors using the Short Screen message boards.
Polar Investment Counsel Inc.
As an independent Broker-Dealer / Investment Advisory, we pride ourselves on specializing in alternative investments including managed futures - many of these programs historically and significantly outperformed traditional investment sectors regardless of current economic conditions. Opportunities available for brokers who are interested in being truly independent while offering diversity.
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