by Bill Singer WEEK IN REVIEW

May 16, 2015

Douglas Williams, the owner of and a former Oklahoma City law enforcement officer, proclaims that he is the:

only licensed polygraph examiner to ever tell the truth about the so-called lie detector. The truth is a polygraph is not a lie detector. Truthful people are often branded as liars; and liars often pass easily. 

Williams calls a polygraph examination "just a sick joke," and he admonishes that the lie detector doesn't so much detect lying as it does nervousness -- and he can teach you how to not be nervous during the exam. As he promises

I will get you ready to pass your polygraph test and you will not have to be frightened or nervous about taking it.

Given that pitch, I'm sure that a lot of folks faced with the dread lie detector test rushed to pay Williams so that they were detected as lying when, in fact, as he explained, they were just nervous. You shouldn't think that business plan would get anyone in all that much trouble, right? Wrong -- he was indicted and just pled guilty. READ

Today is a sad day for all guitar players, particularly those of us who started playing in the '60s. The legendary BB King has died.Eric Clapton perfectly captured the moment on his Facebook post:

There's not a lot left to say because this music is almost a thing of the past now, and there are not many left who play it in the pure way that BB did. He was a beacon for all of us who love this kind of music.

Today's Blog examines a FINRA disciplinary case in which a registered representative winds up fined, suspended, and, as a result of the alleged "willfulness" of his misconduct, he becomes statutorily disqualified. In large part, the allegations revolve around failures to disclose reportable events -- or, at best, failure to timely disclose. To some extent, the individual respondent's defenses and explanation consist of the most common explanations that I hear when I am asked to represent registered representatives: I didn't know. I never got that letter. They never told me. My lawyer or accountant never warned me. To FINRA's credit, the self-regulatory organization explains the background issues and offer a rationale for its decisions in a very cogent and compelling manner.  READ

Under consideration in today's Blog is a compliance officer with a prior history of regulatory sanctions and a deceased client anda purported signature signed after the client's death and a servicing stockbroker who is accused of a six-figure fraud. With that fact pattern, how can you not read this column? READ

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") has an online Vault, which is described as a Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") library containing:

6,700 documents and other media that have been scanned from paper into digital copies so you can read them in the comfort of your home or office. 

Included here are many new FBI files that have been released to the public but never added to this website; dozens of records previously posted on our site but removed as requests diminished; files from our previous FOIA Library, and new, previously unreleased files.

From time to time, the Blog delves into some of the new additions to the FBI's Vault. Did you know Joan Rivers had an FBI file? What did they have on Shirley Temple? And what was up with Casey Kasem? READ