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October 13, 2015

Case in Point

The NEW Online Video Interview Series Hosted by Veteran Industry Lawyer Bill Singer. Wall Street Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Issues. 

Case In Point host, Bill Singer, Esq., interviews Aegis Frumento, Esq., partner at the Stern, Tannenbaum & Bell law firm. Frumento discusses his representation of a confidential whistleblower, who has blown the whistle to the Securities and Exchange Commission about alleged mortgage underwriting misrepresentations by Sun Trust Bank. After two high profile New York Times articles and the involvement of the Department of Justice, it's difficult to figure out just where this case is -- or isn't. The interview raises provocative questions about the futility of the whistleblower process and frustration faced by attorneys and their clients. A compelling watch.

READ New York Times Reporter Gretchen Morgenson's coverage of this whistleblower:  

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