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January 12, 2016

Wow, talk about going through some challenging market sessions the last week or so! Of course, no one ever said stocks only go up and veteran traders like to think that they know when it's time to dump their shares and take profits. As such, welcome to the ups and downs and roller coaster gyrations of Wall Street. 

In the early morning hours of Monday, August 18, 1969, some say just after 6ish, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band (by now missing Elvin Bishop and Mike Bloomfield) took the stage of the mud pit that had become Woodstock.Talk about having to following a tough act -- imagine trying to rock the place in the wee hours after the masses had just heard Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Blood Sweat & Tears; Johnny Winter; and the Band. And, worse, imagine that after you're done, Jimi Hendrix is scheduled to be up in two sets. How do you follow what came before and how do you prepare for what's to come? 

In any event, the band that took to the stage was no longer the hardcore, urban, raw, blues group of a few years back but was now brassed up and Paul Butterfield's harmonica seemed relegated to lesser roles. During the Woodstock set, however, flickers of the old sound flared, some say in a last blaze of glory, particularly during the final song of the set: "Everything's Gonna Be Alright." Remember, this is a live set. There are no computers fixing the sound. The amps are still filled with vacuum tubes and fuses that are made of glass. It's as old school as it gets.

So . . . for those of you hoping that China has calmed down and that the stock markets around the world will soon put in a bottom, and you're hoping, really hoping, that a Jimi-Hendrix-Bull-Market is awaiting, here's a bit of nostalgia to get your day off to one hell of a start. Enjoy the Butterfield band's last song of their epic performance at Woodstock.  If you're at the trading desk or in the office, crank it up and let's get the market mojo going:

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