FBI Files Cite Nuclear Reactor In Home Freezer

April 27, 2017

Not everything we cover at the BrokeAndBroker.com Blog is about Wall Street. After all, although many of our readers work on the Street, they still live in the same world as everyone else. As such, we also cover stories of more general interest. Sometimes we feature humorous and quirky stories involving an existential threat to all of humanity. For example, did y'all read the FBI's recent release of files about the radioactive Boy Scout who kept a small nuclear reactor in his home freezer?

Radioactive Boyscout

On April 26, 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation posted on "The Vault" a 16-page file pertaining to its investigation of "David Hahn." For those who forgot the episode involving Hahn, let me share this portion of an April 23, 2007, FBI report, which explains that a "walk-in complainant" to the Montgomery Count Texas Sheriff's Office informed the authorities that:

sailor, DAVID HAHN, is currently in possession of a small nuclear breeder reactor in his home in the Detroit area. The reactor is apparently the size of a basketball and kept in a freezer surrounded by ice in HAHN's home. HAHN has allegedly experimented with nuclear reactors since childhood and was the subject of a book named, "Radioactive Boyscout" . . .

. . .

Public records searches over the internet appear to confirm that a DAVID HAHN (born 1976) did attempt to build a nuclear reactor in Commerce Township Michigan when he was 17 years old. . .

A basketball-sized nuclear reactor in Hahn's freezer?  Maybe Ben & Jerry's will be launching a "Radioactive Boyscout" pint: strawberry ice cream with chunks of yellowcake and jalapeno, and a swirl of mushroom cloud.

Telephone Poles and Alarm Clocks

In another FBI Report containing notes of the April 23, 2007, interview of Hahn, it was noted that: 

[D]avid HAHN is using cocaine heavily, and is not taking his prescribed medication for a mental illness [REDACTED IN REPORT] described HAHN as paranoid; HAHN believes the people have the ability to "shock" his genitalis with their minds, and that they are doing so on a regular basis. [REDACTED IN REPORT] stated he has study [sic] witchcraft and knows that this is not possible and has tried to reassure HAHN of this fact. HAHN may also be visiting prostitutes on a regularly [sic]. [REDACTED IN REPORT] believes he is still trying to build a nuclear reactor, and is accumulating anything with radium in it, mainly used watches or alarm clocks. HAHN also conducted an experiment in his home using electrical transformers from telephone poles, and caused a fire in his home. [REDACTED IN REPORT] does not believe that HAHN intended to hurt anyone, but is concerned about his unstable mental state. . .

Radiation Poisoning

After the FBI conducted a visit to Hahn's home and attempted to contact him by telephone, a May 16, 2007, FBI Report doesn't exactly comfort us:

[H]AHN stated he is on disability because he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. HAHN said he also has radiation poisoning from his prior contact with radioactive substances. . .

Smoke Detectors

As noted in Wikipedia [Ed: Footnotes omitted]:

Later life

On August 1, 2007, Hahn was charged with larceny in Clinton Township, Michigan for allegedly removing a number of smoke detectors from the halls of his apartment building. His intention was to obtain americium from them. In his mug shot, his face is covered with sores which investigators believe are from exposure to radioactive materials. During a Circuit Court hearing, Hahn pleaded guilty to attempted larceny of a building. The court's online docket said prosecutors recommended that he be sentenced to time served and enter an inpatient treatment facility. Under terms of the plea, the original charge of larceny of a building would be dismissed at sentencing, scheduled for October 4. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail for attempted larceny. Court records stated that his sentence would be delayed by six months while Hahn underwent medical treatment in the psychiatric unit of Macomb County Jail.

Burn Marks

In an FBI Complaint Form (FD-71), we learn of a February 12, 2010, complaint made by the Shelby Township Police Department pursuant to information from Hahn's Probation Officer, who advised that:

Hahn has numerous burn marks on his face, which are similar to the marks Hahn had on his face when he was building the reactor. Det. [REDACTED IN REPORT] stated that perhaps Hahn is again attempting to build a reactor or is using radioactive materials. Det. [REDACTED IN REPORT] believes Hahn is currently on probation for drug possession. . .

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Hahn died September 27, 2016, at age 39. As reported in "REQUIESCAT IN PACE -
Man who tried to build a homemade nuclear reactor didn't die of radiation poisoning" (ArsTechnica, March 14, 2017) "David's father, Kenneth Hahn, called Ars to confirm that his son died of alcohol poisoning and that his previous nuclear experiments played no role in his passing. "

Don't Try This At Home (Video about David Hahn)


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