Live from Columbus's Fourth Ship, the Pina Colada: Bill Singer Esq Reports on Wall Street

October 8, 2018

Today is the federal holiday of Columbus Day, which is sort of a day off for parts of Wall Street but not for the entire market. The Blog's publisher Bill Singer has been caught up in the spirit of the holiday and will be reporting back to us from behind the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria -- Bill is on the lesser known Pina Colada. While Bill is covering today's holiday festivities, he has sent us his daily dispatch from his "Securities Industry Commentator," fast becoming, in Bill's own words, an amazing, riveting, and succinctly parsed legal, regulatory, and compliance feed about all sorts of intriguing matters at the Department of Justice, the SEC, the CFTC, FINRA, and other prosecutors and regulators both known and unknown. Below is a sampling of the eclectic nature of the Securities Industry Commentator's weekday feed: