In Today's Securities Industry Commentator

December 6, 2019

Maybe it's the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. Maybe a lot of prosecutors and regulators buckled down yesterday and cleared their desks. Maybe it's just the confluence of the stars in the heavens. Whatever the cause, we sure as hell got a lot of industry news today and, as such, we're pre-empting the usually brilliant (and at times mesmerizing) commentary from our publisher Bill Singer, Esq., and offering you links to our companion online publication the Securities Industry Commentator (which, truth be told, is often brilliant in its own right and has often risen to mesmerizing heights).

Russian National Charged with Decade-Long Series of Hacking and Bank Fraud Offenses Resulting in Tens of Millions in Losses and Second Russian National Charged with Involvement in Deployment of "Bugat" Malware / Reward of up to $5 Million Offered for Information Leading to Arrest or Conviction (DOJ Release)

Your Bank Account Could Be Fueling Crime / Money Muling Is Illegal and Helps Criminals (DOJ Release)

Breaking up is hard to do: Schwab and TD Ameritrade both on hook for $1 billion should either firm get cold feet, shareholders revolt, or antitrust regulators quash deal (

Former COO and CFO of Publicly Traded Transportation Company Charged with Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud and Lying to Auditors (DOJ Release)

SEC Charges Trucking Executives With Accounting Fraud (SEC Release)

SEC Charges Iconix Brand Group and Former Top Executives With Accounting Fraud (SEC Release)

Former Chief Executive Officer Of Publicly Traded Brand Management Company Charged With Accounting Fraud And Obstruction Of Justice / Former Chief Operating Officer Has Pled Guilty and Is Cooperating in the Government's Investigation (DOJ Release)

Financial Advisor Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges (DOJ Release)

SEC ALJ Sanctions CPAs Violations of Auditor Independence Involving Broker-Dealer. In the Matter of Joseph S. Amundsen, CPA; Michael T. Remus, CPA; and Michael Remus, CPA (SEC ALJ Initial Decision)

SEC Charges Connecticut Man with Defrauding Retail Investors (SEC Release)
Torrington Financial Advisor and Securities Broker Admits Misappropriating Client Funds (DOJ Release)

FINRA Imposes Fines, Suspension, and Undertakings on Firm and Principal Over Excessive Trading. In the Matter of Chelsea Financial Services, and Christopher Vetrano, Respondents (FINRA AWC)