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September 19, 2020
It started as a FINRA arbitration in which an associated person alleged that she was fired in retaliation for reporting misconduct. Among her claims, she alleged that she was a protected whistleblower. In her Complaint, she had named Ameriprise and three individual respondents. The FINRA Arbitration Panel granted Respondents' motions to dismiss. The case moved on to federal district court, and, from there, to federal appeals court. 

Wells Fargo Sues Over Transitional and Production Bonuses And Rep Fights Back ( Blog)
Wall Street is about nothing if not money. In today's featured dispute, we got a transitional bonus. We got production bonuses. We got promissory notes. We got a FINRA arbitration about Wells Fargo's efforts to collect $1.6 million in balances due. We got a federal court trying to figure out what was a bonus, what was a loan, and whether the arbitrators got the facts right.  And now we got a Motion to Reconsider.