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November 7, 2020

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As Aegis Frumento wrote his guest blog, no victor had been called by any of the media sites that typically anoint the winners. At the time of publication, Aegis was guessing that Joe Biden will end up being the next President. Not because of the polls, which he notes were wrong this time as last -- except more so. Nor even because most analysts think Biden will ultimately win Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and even Georgia. No, Aegis has given up on pundits and pollsters. This time, he's following gamblers.
Few requests have caused more damage and resulted in more lawsuits than the one that starts off with the seemingly innocuous "Would you do me a favor?" Yeah, I know, you've been there, done that. Me too. In a recent FINRA regulatory settlement, the "favor" involved a Wells Fargo manager, his wife, his subordinate, and his wife's signature on some mortgage forms. As you might imagine, this all turned into quite the mess.
What would you think if I sang out of tune? What would you think if you were working on a deal involving Company A and I was working on a deal involving Company B and I told you about some confidential stuff about my deal that might help you with your deal? I get by with a little help from my friends. You get by with a little help from your friends. FINRA imposes fines and sanctions if you give too much help to your friends. Not exactly the lyrics for a catchy tune, but, let's see if we can work on it.