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January 15, 2022
I'm guessing that there's money to be made in researching and developing vibrating shoes. Many years ago, I had an idea for a vibrating spoon, but, alas, wiser heads prevailed and I was told that I shouldn't be an idiot and put good money into my vibrating spoon because no one in their right mind would ever want to use a vibrating spoon. I gave it some thought and, reluctantly, abandoned my business plan. Then I thought about how there weren't any vibrating forks but, yet again, the naysayers and small minded folks didn't see the brilliance in that retrofit of my spoon idea. Sadly, I abandoned that business plan too. What I never envisioned was inserting a 4 phase randomized program along with a lithium rechargeable power source into my ahead-of-its-times spoon and fork invention!  I'm thinking crowdfunding, no? Maybe a SPAC?? Maybe an NFT??? I may even take a page out of the Good Vibrations Shoes' edgy marketing program. 

FINRA Mulls A Defaulted Bond's Worth ( Blog)
In a recent regulatory settlement, FINRA charged an industry respondent with violating FINRA Rule 3220's limit of a $100 gift. You'd think that with such a hard dollar amount that the published regulatory settlement would have alleged the value of the cited gift. Making matters worse, the gift in question involved a defaulted bond. How much is a defaulted bond worth? According to the settlement: "still well beyond the gift limit allowed by FINRA Rule 3220." That's a ridiculous allegation to be found in a final, FINRA, regulatory, settlement document -- "well beyond?" Are you serious? What's next? Charging folks with "a lot" or "often?"
Once, a long time ago, four bad guys chased one good-guy Deputy. At high noon, with only himself to serve as prosecutor, judge, and jury, Marshall Will Kane stood alone against Frank Miller, Ben Miller, Jack Colby, and Jim Pierce. By himself, Marshall Kane battled for truth, justice, and the FINRA way of life -- or something like that. In 2022 Covid America, everything is reversed. Four guys in white hats chasing one guy in a black hat, and the bad guy skedaddled outta town last year.