Good Vibrations Shoes: 4 Phase Randomized Program Along with a Lithium Rechargeable Power Source

January 14, 2022

The other day, I'm surfing on the SEC's website because I lead a pathetic life and that's what passes for excitement in these pandemic times, but, hey, you know what I'm talkin' about, right? Anyway, I came across this Order on the SEC's website:

In the Matter of the Application of GOOD VIBRATION SHOES, INC. (n/k/a ALLIED CORP.) For Review of Company-Related Action Taken by FINRA  (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision, '34 Act Rel. No. 93957; Admin. Proc. File No. 3-19407 / January 12, 2022)

Here's virtually every word from the SEC's Order:

The Commission has determined, in its discretion, that it is appropriate to extend by 90 days the period within which the decision in this matter may be issued. Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that such period be, and hereby is, extended to April 12, 2022. 

So . . . you might ask, what about this particular SEC Order, which grants a mundane 90-day extension of a decision, grabbed the interest of that fabulous, debonair, bon vivant Bill Singer.  Frankly, nothing more than that there is actually a company out there called "Good Vibrations Shoes." I really loved that Beach Boys tune back in the day, which, if memory serves me, and after all those years that's not a given, but, as best I recall, the song didn't have anything to do with shoes:

Good vibrations. Excitations. And as I'm hummin' away, I'm wonderin' just what the hell is a Good Vibration Shoe? Having picked up on that particular vibratin' excitation, I did some online research, and the website at, offers this about Good Vibration Shoes (symbol: GVSI):

Good Vibration Shoes Inc engages in researching and developing vibrating shoes. It offers soothing vibrating massage for people with tired achy feet and people with cold feet. The shoe has a vibrating motor, a 4 phase randomized program along with a lithium rechargeable power source.

I'm sure that there are lots of folks with tired achy feet. On top of that, there's likely a whole mess of folks with cold feet. I'm even guessing that there are folks who have achy and cold feet, and, who knows, maybe a few with one achy and one cold foot. Hell, I've heard that there are folks with achy breaky hearts.

Apparently, there's money to be made in researching and developing vibrating shoes. Many years ago, I had an idea for a vibrating spoon, but, alas, wiser heads prevailed and I was told that I shouldn't be an idiot and put good money into my vibrating spoon because no one in their right mind would ever want to use a vibrating spoon. I gave it some thought and, reluctantly, abandoned my business plan. Then I thought about how there weren't any vibrating forks but, yet again, the naysayers and small-minded folks didn't see the brilliance in that retrofit of my spoon idea. Sadly, I abandoned that business plan too. What I never envisioned was inserting a 4 phase randomized program along with a lithium rechargeable power source into my ahead-of-its-times spoon and fork invention!  I'm thinking crowdfunding, no? Maybe a SPAC?? Maybe an NFT??? Hey, call me! I may even take a page out of the Good Vibrations Shoes' edgy marketing program as so convincingly executed in the video below, and please take special note of the amazing production values in the clip -- they spared no expense, or, okay, maybe they spared just a little expense, but, c'mon, that's one amazingly realistic looking door handle and CGI background: 

As my mind exploded with all the possibilities, and, trust me, there's lots of empty space in my head for explosions, I came upon a Form 10/A filed on September 28, 2021, by Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, where we find under "NOTE 1. NATURE OF OPERATIONS" on page F-6 this tidbit:

Nature of Operations


Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. (the "Company"), a Nevada corporation, was formerly known as Landmark Technology Group, Inc., Bitcoin Collect, Inc., Solpower Corp., Virtual Technologies, Inc. and Dynafuel Corporation, which was incorporated under the laws of the State of Utah on June 7, 1982. The Company most recently operated a wholly owned subsidiary business called Long Beard Brewing Company, which is a "craft brewery" or "micro brewery" based in Long Island, New York. Since 2016, the Company has been dormant and in May 2021, a new custodian took over and will focus his efforts on developing a strategy for this company moving forward, including identifying suitable targets for acquisition.


The Company sold its Long Beard Brewing subsidiary during March 2017 and has had no operations since 2017.


On May 4, 2021, custodianship of the Company was awarded to George Sharp.

Okey dokey. So . . . lemme see if I got this. Good Vibrations Shoes was formerly known as:

  • Landmark Technology Group, Inc., 
  • Bitcoin Collect, Inc., 
  • Solpower Corp., 
  • Virtual Technologies, Inc., and 
  • Dynafuel Corporation
Oh, and let's not forget the Long Beard Brewing Company, a craft/micro brewery, which, sure, why not, has been dormant since 2016, and was sold by Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. in March 2017. After the sale of the dormant brewery in 2017, we're told that Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. "has had no operations since 2017" up to the September 2021 Form 10/A. Needless to say, we find this disclosure on page F-7 of the 10/A:

Impact of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has not had a material impact on the Company, particularly due to our lack of operations.

Ya think?

And for those of you inclined to take a trip down memory lane in 4 phase randomized vibrating shoes, consider this fabulous bit of reportage about Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. (PINK: GVSI) Powerful Reverse Merger RM Play (Microcap Daily by Boe Rimes / April 25, 2021)

Good Vibrations Shoes Inc. (PINK: GVSI) is a Nevada corporation, was formerly known as Bitcoin Collect, Inc., Solpower Corp., Virtual Technologies, Inc. and Dynafuel Corporation, which was incorporated under the laws of the State of Utah on June 7, 1982. The Company is a perfect reverse merger candidate with a clean balance sheet of just $250k in liabilities. 

The Company was originally incorporated in Utah in 1982 as Dynafuel Corporation and its original business involved research and development of an experimental fuel using alcohol and other chemicals in a proprietary combination to produce a gasoline-like motor fuel. In July 1996, the Company merged into a newly-formed subsidiary incorporated in Nevada to change the Company's corporate domicile. In November 1996, the Company entered into a licensing agreement with Dominion Capital Pty Ltd. to acquire the exclusive manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales rights for Soltron ® in the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a result of entering into this licensing agreement, Dominion Capital and its affiliates gained control of Solpower and a new Board of Directors and new management were installed. A corporate philosophy of acquiring and commercializing environmentally friendly products was initiated. In June 1998, the Company entered into a second licensing agreement with Dominion Capital and acquired the exclusive manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales rights for the product SP34E™ in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  In December 2000, the Company acquired the E*COR enzyme division of Perix Industries, Inc., including all the rights to the KLEAN product line.   KLEAN is a line of enzyme-based cleaners and bio-remediation and petroleum deposit control agents.  The Company discontinued the KLEAN product line in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2003. 

On June 23,2014 the company appointed Dr. Richard Koenig to the Board of Directors, and to the position of CEO of the company while simultaneously resigning Charles Neinstedt from any and all positions he held with the company at that time. On this date, the Company subsequently merged with Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. and it exchanged 100% of Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. common shares for the Company's series "B" preferred share and its majority voting rights. On 4/29/2015, Dr. Richard Koenig effectively resigned as CEO and Chairman of the company, transferring ownership of his preferred shares, which hold 51% or more of the outstanding stock in the company to Emmanuel Gyamfi, who was appointed Interim CEO, Secretary and Treasurer pending an anticipated acquisition of DBA Vindai Corporation and appointment of permanent CEO. The common shares of Good Vibrations Inc. were returned to Dr. Koenig in exchange for the assignment of his preferred shares in the company to Emmanuel Gyamfi, effectively reversing the acquisition of Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. The selling of Good Vibrations Shoes back to Dr. Koenig, and the acquisition of Vindai are considered to be a combined net $0 transaction showing no gain or loss to the Company since no current government contracts will be transferred to the company in this fiscal quarter. Due to unforeseen delays in transference of the company's business into the Parent, the company filed with the State of Nevada for a name change to Vindai Corporation, but has not filed this change with FINRA as of yet. In December 2015, the company signed an acquisition deal to acquire Long Beard Brewing Co. and is in the process of changing its business model to micro-brew or craft beer manufacturer. 

Ummm, y'know, I gotta nuthin' more to say. As if, there's something that I could say at this point that would even makes sense out of all those corporate gyrations and transactions? So . . . howsabout I just play us all out with some songs and lets' all put on our boogie shoes: