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August 12, 2017

$5.5 Million Power Of Attorney Doctor Sees Dead Lawyers

I was intrigued to learn that Mr. Marks-White and (Ms. Jones) had presented you with a Power of Attorney stating that I am dead. Bummer. And here I was feeling so full of life. I'm going to continue to rack up the billable hours regardless of being dead but it sort of takes all the starch out of it. Remember the movie"Ghost" and how it took the guy some time to realize he was dead? Speaking of which, I've been watching President Trump on television lately and he keeps talking about fire and fury, so maybe everyone will be joining me soon on this side of the light. Can you see North Korea from your home in Japan? Do you know if there are any plans to send Godzilla over to North Korea to take out Kim Jong-un? If Godzilla is still in a relationship with Mothra, maybe she will join him on the mission. You could ask them, right? Wouldn't hurt. By the way, come to think of it, wouldn't "Fire and Fury" be a great name for an over-the-counter drug for either hemorrhoids or cystitis? READ

FINRA Felony Jigsaw Puzzle

If you buy a jigsaw puzzle, right there on the box, they tell you the number of pieces and show you the picture of what the completed image will look like. In real life, however, some of the puzzles we have to deal with don't come with information about exactly how many pieces you're supposed to have and what the finished product should look like. The same can be said for the regulatory puzzles of Wall Street. When some registered reps get into trouble, they have no idea as to what to do with the pieces in front of them. Consider a recent FINRA regulatory settlement and see if you can put everything together. READ

Federal Prosecutors Throw In Towel Against Benjamin Wey

Regardless of how you feel about Benjamin Wey, our system of law does not alter citizens charged with a crime into a piñata for DOJ and the FBI. As a nation, we treasure the "presumption of innocence." The FBI and DOJ engaged in misconduct that violated the presumption of innocence and did little more than rip up many of the principles upon which our nation's criminal justice system is based. There is simply no other way to say that. The misconduct chipped away at bedrock. DOJ's nearly 2,000 word September 10, 2015, press release was disgraceful.  At a minimum, DOJ should publish a nearly 2,000 word press release noting its decision to cease further prosecution of Wey and to affirm to the public that all allegations against Wey are now deemed false. Further, DOJ and the FBI should state that they disavow any prior comment that the FBI and the federal prosecutors conduct in this case was praiseworthy. READ

This Wall Street Train Of Regulation Don't Pull No FINRA Winkers

Today's Blog is short.  It's a fairly simple tale of someone takin' what ain't theirs to take and then getting bounced from the biz by FINRA. In discussing this fairly straight-forward FINRA regulatory settlement, Bill Singer, Esq. expresses some dissatisfaction with what comes off as something of a wink by FINRA in the direction of the broker-dealer member firm. It's a wink about an understanding that the affiliate bank wasn't named by name in the published settlement. READ

Darrell Whitman Petitions Attorney General Sessions About Wells Fargo Investigation http://www.Brokeandbroker.Com/3550/Whitman-Sessions-Wells-Fargo/

In 2010, attorney Darrell Whitman became a Regional Investigator for the San Francisco Region Office of Whistleblower Protection Programs ("OWWP"), which was part of the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Beginning in 2011, Whitman and others in the San Francisco OWWP office complained that they were being hamstrung and short-circuited in their efforts to protect whistleblowers against perceived retaliation -- essentially being prevented from doing the job that they were being paid to do. In May 2015, Whitman was fired. How ironic that Whitman, an OWWP investigator charged with protecting whistleblowers from retaliation, found himself the victim of alleged retaliation by OWWP. In response to his termination, Whitman sued. READ http://www.Brokeandbroker.Com/3550/Whitman-Sessions-Wells-Fargo/